This is the final draft of the constitution agreed at the committee meeting held in July 2013 and ratified, subject to two accepted amendments, at the AGM.

1. The Association shall be called ‘The Association for Historical and Fine Art Photography’ (AHFAP).

2. It shall exist for the promotion of photography in the fields of history, fine art, archaeology, museum and gallery display, conservation and fields related to the cultural heritage sector. It shall encourage the interchange of ideas and general support among photographers practising in these fields and promote workplace access, thereby increasing opportunities for experience.

3. The membership shall be open to imaging professionals working in the cultural heritage sector.

4. The business of the association shall be conducted by an elected committee comprising four officers: Chair, Membership Secretary, Treasurer, Minutes Secretary, and up to seven committee members, with the facility for co-opting other members as required.

5. The business of the association, including the election of officers and committee members, shall be open for scrutiny and discussion at an Annual General Meeting (AGM).

6. The officers and committee members shall be elected at the AGM.

7. This committee shall be voted to serve for: Officers, twenty-four months; Committee Members, thirty-six months before re-election. Committee members co-opted are to perform a specific function ratified at the AGM. Members failing to attend three successive committee meetings, without reasonable cause, shall be disqualified.

8. The management committee requires a quorum of five members, two of whom will be officers.

9. The Chair shall have the power of vote and shall have the casting vote.

10. The association awards the role of Honorary President to a member who has served the association or the industry with distinction. The president shall be elected by the members for a two-year term at the AGM. A president may only serve for one term.

11. A quorate committee shall have the power to dissolve the association on notice of one month, with any funds held being distributed to a charity or organisation named in the same notice to dissolve.