2018 AGM

AHFAP AGM 2018 Agenda

British Library Knowledge Centre, Thursday 1st November 1pm.

  • Minutes of last meeting
  • Chair’s report (Richard Everett)
  • Treasurer’s report and annual audit (Ivor Kerslake)
  • Membership report (Steve Cole)
  • Notice of new SIG Chair’s and Secretary’s (Richard Everett)
  • Summary of Membership Survey Results (Colin Maitland)
  • CIO Update (Richard Everett)
  • Election of Officers – see below (Paul Gardner, President)
  • AOB and notice of next meeting

Close meeting

2018 Committee Elections

The period for nominations for the vacant Committee positions is now closed. The positions of  Chair and Membership Secretary are unopposed. Therefore, Richard Everett (Chair) and Steve Cole (Membership Secretary) will continue in these posts.

We received one application for the position of Events Officer from Steve Pocock and one application for the position of  Minutes Secretary from Kira Zumkley.

Please note all posts above will be subject to ratification by a members vote at the AGM.

Nomination for Minutes Secretary:

Kira Zumkley

I will bring attention to detail, make sure all business that needs discussing or requires a decision is flagged up with the Chair and the committee well in advance and communicate the outcomes of all meetings clearly and concisely.

Archaeologist and photographer by training. Science Museum Group Photography manager for the past two years. Currently PhD researcher at the V&A looking into digitisation techniques for large scale objects.

Nomination for Events Officer:

Steve Pocock

I am currently a Photographer for the Wellcome Trust and for the last five years have specialised in the digitisation of the holdings of Wellcome Collection. Before this I was employed as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for first and second year photography degree students and a freelance photographer.

In 2011, I graduated with a BA(Hons) Contemporary Photographic Practice from the University of the Creative Arts, Rochester, Kent. I further received a History of Art MA from Birkbeck, University of London in 2014.

I have been an active member of AHFAP for the last three years having attended SIG meetings, workshops and conferences. For the 2017 AHFAP Conference I organised, designed and curated the print exhibition of work submitted by fellow members with the brief of highlighting the creativity that is an inherent part of our industry. I have also made this year’s Conference digital showcase as a continuation of this theme with the addition of video and 3D content on display.

As an Events Officer, I believe I can make a valuable contribution. I have experience in the hospitality industry through a previous career as well as an interest in working with educational institutions, which I believe will be key to the growth of our association as we transition to charity status.