2015 Conference Podcasts

Keynote: James Stevenson, previous AHFAP chair

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Susan Pettigrew, Photographer, Digital Imaging Unit, Edinburgh University Library
2 and 3D Reflection and Application

2 and 3D Reflection and Application - Download This Episode

Antonia Reeve, Antonia Reeve Photography
An Accidental Specialist – Perspectives and views on my career in cultural heritage photography.

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Kristin Phelps, Senior Imaging Technician, British Library
Tweet Away: Opening up the studio in the era of social media

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Joshua Akin, Digital Imaging Officer, Royal Museums Greenwich
Ship Model Rigging Post Production – YouTube link

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Stacey Rain Strickler, Senior Photographer, Getty Museum
Safe-Light Imaging: Documenting the J. Paul Getty Museum’s collection of light-sensitive photographs

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Kevin Lovelock, Senior Photographer, British Museum
Harry Lamacraft – A remarkable man

Harry Lamacraft - A remarkable man - Download This Episode

Lindsay MacDonald Ph.D, Research Fellow (UCL)
Multispectral Image Capture and Research at UCL

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Lucy Millson-Watkins, Photographer, Historic England
My experience on a Historic Environment Placement

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Elie Posner, Head of Photography, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Ethical Issues in Museum Photography

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Carlos Bayod Lucini, Factum Arte
The Multilayer File: Surface 3D Scanning as a complement to Photographic Documentation

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Robert G. Erdmann, Ph.D, Senior Scientist, Rijksmuseum
New Strategies for Interactive Web-based Visualization of Cultural Heritage Imagery

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Ivor Kerslake, Photography and Imaging Manager, British Museum
An evolution in style 1855 to 2015

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