2011 International Conference

The first International Conference for photographers in the Cultural Heritage Sector took place from June 14-16 2011 at the Hilton Metropole hotel, Brighton, United Kingdom.

The first AHFAP International Conference in Brighton was a great success attracting a large number of international delegates. We would like to thank all the conference delegates for making the conference such a wonderfully informative and interesting conference. Delegates came from 11 countries with 44 institutions represented and over 75 delegates attended each day.

Conference Talks
Every conference talk is listed by day (see links below) and most include a short description. Some now have the talk slides available to download as a PDF file. Where available the speaker notes are included and these can be accessed by clicking the speech balloon in the top left corner of the slide when viewing the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.

Day One
Day Two
Day Three

Background to the Conference
Photographers working in the cultural heritage sector, in museums, galleries and libraries are a group not globally integrated, unlike their professional colleagues such as curators and conservators. This community of photographers is international but many work in isolation and have little contact with others in the field. It is with this in mind that AHFAP extended a welcome to photographers employed in this sector, from all over the world, to participate in a conference to discuss cultural heritage photography.

AHFAP, founded just over 25 years ago, is the national UK organisation for image professionals in the cultural heritage sector in the UK. It exists to provide a forum for photographers, image-makers and image archivists to share experiences and benefit from mutual co-operation. Few photographers in other parts of the world have the social and professional advantage of such an association.