Day Three

Conference Programme for Day Three, 16 June 2011

Panel discussion on colour management
Tony Harris, Government Art Collection, Colin White, National Gallery and Hans Van Dormolen, Koninklijke Bibliotheek

Peter Taylor – Spheron-VR
Full spherical photography and High Dynamic Range imaging (HDRi).

Elie Posner, Photography at the Israel Museum

Talk Slides – Elie Posner (PDF – 7.5mb)

This talk is about the photography we’ve been doing in the Israel Museum during the last three years’ of construction and renovation, two approaches to shooting the ongoing building process, from a documentary point of view, plus a third, which is a more artistic form of presentation.

The two documentary approaches are: classic ‘snapshot’ of work in progress, and shooting direct matches for views used in renderings for architectural progress reports and publicity campaigns.

The artistic point of view is more about the ‘mood’ of the museum, during construction work, and photographing the disorganised, bare exhibition spaces, as a place which still has an artistic quality.

Short Papers
Richard Everett – Welcome Trust
We Need How Much Storage? The Journey from TIFF to JPEG 2000

Back in 2009 the Wellcome Library embarked on a transformation strategy to create a groundbreaking digital library, allowing online open access to our collections. As part of this work The Wellcome Trust approved a pilot digitisation project on the theme of Modern Genetics and its Foundations. This totals about 500,000 items. This is just the pilot stage of a much bigger programme of digitisation, requiring petabytes of expensive storage. A pragmatic decision was needed and after much research and investigation a decision was made to reduce our digital footprint through compression, the best option out there seemed to be JPEG 2000. This paper gives a summary of the process in arriving at that decision and the technical issues raised in adopting a new de facto file format for storing our images.

Carlos Jimenez
Photography of large objects

Santiago Arras Pena

Talk Slides – Santiago Arribas Pena (PDF – 7mb)

Raising the Science Museum Photo Studio profile

Una Knox
Re-processing art photographs in Arc3D

Karina Rodriguez-Echavarria, University of Brighton
Crowd sourcing images for 3D