Jewish Museum, World City: Refugee Stories

In partnership with Kingston University and the Refugee Council,the Jewish Museum’s Ian Lillicrapp has undertaken a project photographing refugees.

The exhibition tells the stories of refugees who have come to London in very different circumstances but all were fleeing from situations where their lives were in danger.

World City: Refugee Stories presents the stories of nine individuals, each from a different country, who have come to London to find refuge over nine decades, from the 1930s through to the present. Each individual has a distinct story to tell, yet there are common threads that link their experiences. The refugees’ stories demonstrate courage and resilience, a commitment to building a new life and to making a positive difference.

The exhibition shows portraits of the refugees in their London homes with objects that have special meaning for them.

World City: Refugee Stories information

All images © Jewish Museum, London/Photographer Ian Lillicrap

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