Discussion Forum

AHFAP has a lively discussion forum open to all members and the wider community of cultural heritage image makers hosted by JISCMail. New users can register using the instructions below.

JISCMail e-group
JISCMail uses the world wide web and e-mail to enable groups of academics and support staff to talk to each other and to share information. JISCMail is an email based dicussion service (Listserve) that allows subscribers to email directly other subscribers, and so provide a speedy discussion group. The AHFAP e-group can be found here.


To subscribe to the list click the link above and choose the ‘Subscribe or Unsubscribe’ link from that page. You will receive a confirmation email which you will need to respond to. You can leave the group via the same link.

Subscriber FAQs (on the JISCmail website)

Mailing List Etiquette

Old Discussion Forum
We have closed the old discussion forum with a longer term view of keeping it as an archive. Please use the new JISCMail service instead.