News archive – 2012

December 2012

The association held a successful conference last month at Dulwich Picture Gallery, with part sponsorship by Calumet. Thanks are due to all concerned, especially to the speakers who provided a wide variety on a range of topics valuable to our work.

While it is invidious to single any one of them out for special mention, it should be noted that our outgoing chairman, James Stevenson, was at last able to deliver a presentation which he has been carrying in his back pocket for some years, his study of the work of Claude Cahun. He commented that he realised, as he went through his subject’s archives in Jersey, that ‘This is what curators do all day long, look at pictures. What a nice job.’

We have a new chair, Tony Harris of the GAC. We wish him luck as we thank James for all his work over the years. These were years of probably the greatest changes in the history of photography and that we have been kept abreast of developments through our conferences and that the association’s profile has been raised, with the creation of an international presence, are more than partly to his credit.

We also have a new president, Trevor Drake, an important link in the supply chain, who has given us loyal support for many years, especially during his time at Fuji. We thank our outgoing president, Terry Dennett, whose light hand on the presidency and wise counsel have always been welcome.

We welcome two new members to the committee, Denise King of the National Gallery and Ben Gilbert of the Wellcome Institute.

The redrafted constitution was ratified at the AGM. It will soon be available on the Resources page.

November 2012

Members will have received with their subscription renewal documents a copy of a draft new constitution, to be ratified at the imminent conference. There have been several minor amendments made to it and its current form is as follows.


[Draft, to be ratified at the annual conference]

1. The Association shall be called ‘The Association for Historical and Fine Art Photography’ (AHFAP).

2. It shall exist for the furtherance of photography in the fields of history, fine art, archaeology, museum and gallery display, conservation and fields related to the cultural heritage sector. It shall encourage the interchange of ideas and general support among photographers practising in these fields and promote workplace access, thereby increasing opportunities for experience.

3. The membership shall be open to imaging professionals working in the cultural heritage sector.

4. The business of the association shall be conducted by an elected committee comprising five officers: Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Membership Secretary, Minutes Secretary, Treasurer and up to seven committee members, with the facility for co-opting other members as required.

5. The business of the association, including the election of officers and committee members, shall be open for discussion at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) open to all members.

6. The officers and committee members shall be elected at the AGM.

7. This committee shall be voted to serve for: Officers, twenty-four months; Committee Members, thirty-six months before re-election. Committee members co-opted are to perform a specific function ratified at the AGM. Members failing to attend three successive committee meetings, without reasonable cause, shall be disqualified.

8. The management committee requires a quorum of five members, two of whom will be officers.

9. The chairman shall have the power of vote and shall have the casting vote.

10. The association awards the role of Honorary President to a member who has served the association or the industry with distinction. The president shall be elected by the members for a two-year term at the AGM. A president may only serve for one term.

11. A quorate committee shall have the power to dissolve the association upon notice of one month with any funds held being distributed to a charity or organisation named in the same notice to dissolve.

July 2012

AHFAP 2012 UK Conference Venue announced
We are pleased to announce 2012 AHFAP UK Conference will be held on Monday 19th November at the Dulwich picture Gallery, more details of the day itself and how to book will be available soon on our 2012 Conference page.

New equipment at CHICC, Manchester
CHICC, Manchester have purchased a Phase One iXR system and have a photograph of their new setup on Twitter.

Link to photograph on Twitter

RPS Lecture: Steve Sasson – Disruptive Innovation: The Story of the First Digital Camera
Monday, 10 September 2012, 6.30pm for 7pm at the Science Museum, Fellows Room, Exhibition Road, London, SW7 2DD

Steve Sasson is credited with inventing the digital camera creating the first digital camera prototype in 1975 for the Eastman Kodak Company. In an illustrated and entertaining lecture Steve will be discussing how the concept was demonstrated within Kodak, subsequent technical innovations with megapixel imagers, image compression products in the mid-1980s, and the early commercialization of professional and consumer digital still cameras in the early 1990s. The internal reaction to these developments will be highlighted as well as some of the learned observations about how to deal with disruptive innovation within an established corporate environment will be shared.

This is the first time Steve has spoken about his work in public in the United Kingdom.

RPS Events page for this lecture

3d-Coform Summer Exhibition
AHFAP members who are interested in the development of 3D imaging in cultural heritage are advised of the seminar to be held at Brighton University on the 31st July. This seminar is targeted at image makers in CH institutions in the Uk. It is being led by Breuckmann Engineering from Meersburg in Germany makers of the Smart Scan structured light scanner. This scanner has been used over the last twelvemonths by the V&A Photographic Studio who have scanned a wide variety of objects as part of the 3D COFORM project.

3D-Coform Summer exhibition website

June 2012

2012 UK Conference
The 2012 UK Conference will as usual be held towards the end of the year, please check the 2012 Conference page regularly for updated information when it becomes available.

The John Rylands Library
We have recently heard from James Robinson of the John Rylands Library in Manchester, has changed its name to The University of Manchester Library. Click here to learn more. CHICC website

Jo Spence
Jo Spence (1934 – 1992) was a key figure from the British photographic left from the mid seventies and crucial in debates on photography and the critique of representation. Her work engaged with a range of photographic genres – from documentary to phototherapy – and responded to the prioritisation from the late 70s onwards of lens-based media in art-critical discourse. Jo Spence at SpaceStudios

Departures from the committee
We are sorry to report that the committee has lost two members. Greg Smith, of the IWM, joined the association at the beginning, in 1985, and was later responsible for a new look for the association’s journal, in keeping with our professional status, editing four of them, retiring from that role in 1998. He cites pressure of work as the reason for his departure.

David Flower is also leaving the committee and taking early retirement after 33.3 years at the National Museums Liverpool, which is going through its ‘third Voluntary Severance excercise with the aim of reducing staff by a further 20%’. David writes that ‘the Photography Department is now down to one Photographer and one Admin officer.’

We wish both Greg and David luck in the future and thank them for their contributions to the association.

On a more positive note, here is some news from the Tate Gallery.

Career Opportunities – Good News

This is Jessica Kelly who is the first of two trainees taken on by Tate Photography as part of a national scheme to offer new skills for the future in the heritage sector. She is six months into a paid eighteen-month training internship and is enjoying every minute of the experience. On successful completion of the course, Jessica will be awarded an EDI Level 3 Diploma in Cultural Heritage (Photography Technician).

This scheme is a great introduction to the heritage sector and gives students an idea of potential careers available. The hope is to attract people who would not necessarily have chosen a museum/gallery as a career path. Tate has 20 trainees working in a variety of areas and the students regularly spend time together gaining an insight into life at Tate. Jessica is extremely able and has really taken this opportunity by the horns which bodes very well for both her future and the future of our sector.

David Clarke
Head of Tate Photography

April 2012

IS&T 2012 Archiving Conference – Copenhagen
The IS&T Archiving Conference has over the years continued to offer a unique opportunity for imaging scientists and those working in the cultural heritage community (curators, archivists, librarians, etc.), as well as in government, industry, and academia, to come together to discuss the most pressing issues related to the digital preservation and stewardship of hardcopy, audio, and video.

Scott Geffart said of this years conference “I hope that as many people as possible on this forum can attend the IS&T conference in Copenhagen this June. With factory tours lined up for both Hassy and Phase as well as the opportunity to discuss common issues face to face with international peers, the IS&T conference is probably the single most valuable conference investment this year for the imaging community. Hopefully NGA can send Ken, and It would be great if Kurt from Yale could be there as well to help push through in the technical issues being discussed.”

Information for the IS&T 2012 Archiving conference