Digital Survey

In 2006 a survey was carried out by the association into the then relatively new impact of digital capture amonst cultural heritage institutions. The survey and its associated reports can be found at the bottom of this page.

As with any survey the results can be interpreted in different ways. Therefore we would like members to let the committee know their thoughts so that a combination of your thoughts and our interpretation can help us co-ordinate the needs of our members in the future.

The Digital Survey Group comprised: Ken Hickey, Colin White, James Stevenson, Paul Gardner, Dave Clarke, Steve Wallace and Anne Martin, Pat Hart, Steve Chapman

The survey is available below in its entirety for the membership to review and to make its own observations and conclusions on the information that has been given. There were about 20 completed surveys which represents a statistically expected and respectable 15% of the membership. A brief summary of our interpretation of the responses follow.

The committee decided that there were 4 broad sections to investigate in the survey which would be of interest in how the association shapes future programmes for our members. The 4 sections are:

  • General Information Information about departments, individuals, staff structures and levels, budgets and financing.
  • Photographic Capture and Output Information about ratio of film to digital, how many images are made, what is work produced for and changes in working practices.
  • Photographic Asset Management Information about the size of collections, cataloguing and distribution.
  • Preservation Information about the storage and preservation of photographic collections.

Survey Documents
The survey is available in both Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word versions, alongside the data in Microsoft Excel format. To download click on the links below.

Survey (PDF) – Adobe Acrobat version
Survey (WORD) – Microsoft Word version

Survey Data
Answers (EXCEL) – Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
Analysis (EXCEL) – Microsoft Excel spreadsheet