Special Interest Groups

The AHFAP Committee has devised a framework for the creation of Special Interest Groups (SIG) within the association. This will enable members who have specific interests in an aspect of our work to group together and focus on them in detail. Please read the framework below then contact the Committee if you wish to start a SIG.

The following is the AHFAP Framework for the operation of SIGs.

• Members wishing to start a SIG should inform the AHFAP committee before proceeding

• The AHFAP committee can dissolve and regulate any SIG that operates as an AHFAP SIG at any time

• The SIG would be subject to AHFAP’s constitution

• A SIG should be managed by a Chair and a Secretary who should be elected at the AHFAP AGM for a period of two years

• The SIG Chair should report SIG activities to the AHFAP committee and the Secretary should arrange the publication of minutes of meetings on the AHFAP website

• If the AHFAP committee does not receive reports after a period of one year, the SIG will be considered as disbanded

• SIGs are open to all AHFAP members to join

• All SIGs should report their membership list to the membership secretary annually

• All SIG functions and events should be held under the AHFAP banner

The aims of any SIG should be clearly defined and published on the AHFAP website